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The first reusable gift wrap made from salvaged fabric!

Made of Salvaged Fabric

15,000 lb of recycled textiles


Unique in Canada


Limited Editions

Depending on our arrivals


Next Chance
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They Love our Products

“I’m over the moon. This is so cool and pretty. It looks fantastic under the tree. Usually, ecofriendly gift wraps aren’t this festive. What a great alternative! “ [translated from French]

Eve-Lyne Auger, @lafraiche__

“ I’m excited to reuse this gift wrap every year!!! Congratulations to Next Chance for this initiative. Their bows are cute and practical! " [translated from French]

Mila Taillefer, @milataillefer

“ I think these gift wraps made of salvaged textiles are very original. I try to buy responsibly and this is perfect. Their bundles are well thought out. With the ribbon, the textile strip and the gift wrap, I don’t need anything else. No need for pins or staples! The result is simply amazing. “ [translated from French]

Marja M-Millette, @laparfaitemamanimparfaite


L E S  E M B A L L É E S

We are delighted to contribute on a project with a positive impact. Excited to share our discoveries and our values. Excited to create a more playful and conscientious community with you!

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