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4 tips to reduce food waste at the beginning of the year

4 tips to reduce food waste at the beginning of the year

With the holidays now behind us, the beginning of the year can be a great time to explore our consumption habits and try to find new ways to get us to waste less. Here are 5 tips to avoid throwing away our food, all year long!

1- Thinking outside the box

Being less wasteful also means being creative by reusing what we already have. There are so many ways to reduce, we just need to have a little imagination!  We can reuse our vegetable pieces and residus to make a delicious homemade broth, or make fertilizer for our plants by using the rest of the banana we had for lunch. Why not soak our citrus peel in vinegar to make an all eco-friendly purpose cleaner? The key is creativity!

2- Loving the ‘’unloved’’

‘’Unloved’’ ones are the foods that grocery stores decide to liquidate when they are about to expire or when they look less fresh. Luckily for us, ‘’unloved’’ ones are the perfect opportunity to give new chance to foods that will likely end up in the trash. Good for the belly and good for the wallet, the ‘’unloved’’ are well-loved!

3- Planning throughout the year

At the beginning of the week, we can make a list of what we already have and then determine the meals to come. This allows us to buy only what is necessary. Bye bye non-essential purchases! But why stop at just weekly planning? Looking at a seasonal produce calendar is also a great and eco-friendly option. This allows us to encourage our local producers, to eat more seasonally and thus reduce food waste on a larger scale!

4- Being generous

Who says generosity can’t also be used to reduce waste? In the summer, we can give a few vegetables from our garden to our favourite neighbors. In the fall, when it’s time to preserve and stock up on food, giving away our surplus is a great idea! But what to do when we don’t have a green thumb or when winter is coming? In order to participate in the collective effort to reduce food waste, offering a loved one the the Revalued Box can be an excellent option! Filled with local, eco-responsible and gourmet products, the gift box allows you to please, but also to reduce!

This article was written by the nutritionists and dietitians of TeamNutrition. Their team offers nutrition counselling online and in over 80 offices across Canada. 
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