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What are your products offered?

We offer a range of ecofriendly gift wrapping and accessories all made of rescued fabrics. We source from local businesses.

Where can I get your products?

You will find all of our products on our website. Our products are also currently in several zero-waste stores in Quebec. To find us, go to our Points of sale tab. You might also meet us at certain events, such as Christmas markets. To follow us in our adventures and come meet us, subscribe to our newsletter and we'll make sure to share the dates 🙂

What make you an eco friendly business?

At Next Chance, our philosophy is focused on sustainable development, more specifically on the circular economy model. Basically, this concept aims to use as few new resources as possible, while generating as little waste as possible. This is why our gift wraps are made from new fabrics that have been rescued, thus preventing them from ending up in landfills. We gave them a second life, a second chance. If you want to know more about our methods, see the “about” page

I can no longer find a specific product that I liked, will it come back?

Since we rescue fabrics in order to upcycle them, we do not control the quantity of fabric that we receive. That means that each model is produced in limited quantities and when this product is sold out, it is forever. The good news: there is always something new at Next. A little friendly advice, if you really like one of our models, don't hesitate too long 😉

What sizes of gift wrapping should I choose?

In order to help you make the best possible choice, we have prepared a Graders' Charter which you can refer to in case of doubt. If you hesitate between two formats, we advise you to opt for the larger of the two. Example: if you hesitate between small and medium, take the medium!

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