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Every Next Chance reusable wrap is made from our rescued fabric, nothing less. We make sure to offer you the most eco-friendly and fun to use gift wraps. This way, you avoid throwing away metallic or plastic-coated wrapping paper as well as adhesive tape.

You will find our Vice-VersaKIT in 3 different sizes and in many colors. Reuse your fabric wraps year after year and share the joy!
The Vice-VersaKIT is your best friend when it comes to easily and attractively wrap several shapes of objects! Equipped with 3 pieces, the Vice-VersaKIT contains a furoshiki, a headband and a bow. Basically, the Vice-VersaKIT gives you access to a whole wolrd when it comes to wrap your gifts!

On your son's birthday, use all 3 pieces. For your goddaughter's baby shower, wrap only with the square base by folding it with the Japanese folding technique, the furoshiki. And the next time, why not just clip the bow on a gift bag? Have fun making a new arrangement with an other Vice-Versaᴷᴵᵀ (mix-and-match between the different sets). The art of wrapping is offered to you!
Follow these 8 quick steps to wrap your gifts in an original, chic and ecological way! We present you this folding technique, but we challenge you to share other ways to wrap #nextchance.


Easy to use in so many ways!

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