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Advent Calendar: Our 24 Best Budget-Friendly and Magical Gift Ideas

Advent Calendar: Our 24 Best Budget-Friendly and Magical Gift Ideas

A reusable Advent calendar: a timeless family heirloom

Every year, it's filled with new surprises, creating warm and memorable keepsakes that stay with everyone.


Here are 3 advantages of choosing a calendar that you'll keep for the rest of your life and pass on to future generations :


  1. Infinite personalization: fill it with attentions that correspond exactly to the tastes and needs of the person who will open its pouch every day in December.
  2. Economy and sustainability: you only pay once, and you get one for life, which saves you money and reduces your mental workload.
  3. udget under control: it's cheaper than buying one or more each year. A single calendar is enough to brighten up the holiday season for the whole family, for several children or a couple. In fact, that's what Gabrielle and Maude have done. the founders last year! They shared it, and it was a wonderful experience in preparation for Christmas!

Next Chance Calendrier de l'avent réutilisable idées cadeaux

December, a magical month (but a little less so for your bank account!)

December, that magical month, brings with it the magic of Christmas, but for some it can mean a source of financial stress. We share these views too, which is why we're bringing you Gabrielle and Maude's (the founders of Next Chance) 24 best gift/attention ideas to put in an Advent calendar based on three criteria: affordable, no-brainer and fun.


24 affordable ideas for your Advent calendar

  1. Small decorative hair pins : Accessories that can be worn all year round, and that will give the recipient the opportunity to take care of themselves. A number of Quebec-based companies offer them. Here are two of them! Ananas offers clips made from wheat straw andTrois par jour made from fabric scraps. We love it!
  2. Homemade bookmarks : Perfect for book lovers, they add a personal touch to any book. They can also be used in recipe books or diaries.
  3. Christmas cookie recipes : share the Christmas spirit with your best recipes!
  4. Personalized handwritten messages : Sweet words that warm the heart are always more than welcome. It's often these little words that we keep in our diaries or on the fridge for years to come.
  5. Mini-plants in pots : a little greenery to brighten up winter, we can't say no! Speaking of plants, we're also talking about fine herbs, which not only add a touch of green, but are also very practical when it's time to add a little parsley to your dish. ;)
  6. Coupons for household tasks : very practical, especially after the festivities!
  7. Small beauty and care accessories : surprises to pamper and pamper yourself. Here are just a few examples: nail polish de Bkind, the soaps and bath bombs from Les Pétards, the hand soap with beautiful wall bracket from The Unscented Company and not forgetting the bubble bath de Atelier Tonic that we adore!
  8. Hot chocolates : the ultimate winter comfort drink! Our favourites are from Avanaa and the famous melting bombs de Fays.
  9. Scratch cards with fun challenges : little games to add a dose of fun. To make them yourself, here's a recipe from Wooloo which works very well : Make a scratch card
  10. Christmas ornament with handwritten name : a personalized decoration to cherish and put your own stamp on the Christmas tree :)
  11. Gourmet tea bags : we'll think of you every time the person needs to warm up :) If you're looking for some, Camellia Sinensis, the benchmark for tea, sells single bags on its online store
  12. Mini board games : a mini game of chess, mikado, checkers, etc. Classics to rediscover!
  13. Second-hand books : Find them on Marketplace, in neighborhood Facebook groups, in thrift stores or on any other second-hand site.
  14. Tickets for free activities : the website Quoi Faire En Famille is packed with great things to do in different Quebec cities. A reference in our opinion!
  15. Small scented candles : you can find or make! There are kits like the one from Brin Brun or garment workshops such as the Mauvaises Herbes and even some tutorials!
  16. Flower seeds to plant : a gift that will blossom in spring, what a lovely idea! Le Nutritionniste Urbain offers magnificent little seed boxes 
  17. Puzzles or brainteasers : hours of fun to be had on colder days. The best bargains are to be found on second-hand sites like Marketplace or Kijiji. When you're done, sell it to the next person :) 
  18. Homemade snacks : granola, nuts, or candies made with love. We need to feed ourselves, so receiving lovingly made munchies is always a safe bet!
  19. DIY Christmas decorations : Noovo offers you some here 40 DIY ideas for Christmas and the holiday season
  20. Original key-rings: a thoughtful way to make sure you're remembered.
  21. Colorful and fun erasers: to add a little magic to your office or school!
  22. Coupons for free hugs : in our opinion, the best gift of all :) 
  23. Small figurines or second-hand toys: give a second life to treasures and discover the beauty of vintage.
  24. Mini-vials of essential oils for relaxation: or temporary tattoos from a Quebec company like Pico

With these 24 affordable and fun ideas to fill this calendar, you're ready to celebrate Christmas in a festive, economical and warm-hearted way. Happy holidays to you, and may the magic of Christmas continue to shine in your heart! Don't hesitate to share your own tips in the comments, because the magic of Christmas often lies in sharing and creativity :)


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